Passions In Fashion - Marianne Badrichani

Theatre director and acting coach Marianne Badrichani shares with us her thoughts and art.

The current situation is difficult for the actors as there is no opportunity to perform for the next few months. Some theaters are at high risk of bankruptcy.

Marianne and her colleages have to be creative. They have to think how they can stay in touch with their audience. They are thinking about doing plays in the gardens or in the streets or even to perform drive in theatre!

They created a very interesting project "For Your Ears Only". You can sign in on the platform, give your phone number and an actor will call you and perform a text on his/her choice for you , on the phone. The phone calls can be performed in English, French or Spanish.

To take part to the project and listen to an actor perform a text for you on the phone sign up here.

Marianne is also a couch. Although it is not easy to adapt to the new way of learning, she is still giving classes to young actors on Zoom. What she finds interesting in this kind of work is that you cannot work phisically so you have to really focus on using the words which can also be very useful in an acting career.

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Passions in fashion

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